Gestures navigation with custom launcher on Android 11

I've noticed a lot of complains in the feedback regarding gestures navigation, for many launchers when Android 11 and custom launcher is used.

As I can understand, the issue is related to some API changes in Android 11 rather than to specific launchers. In order to avoid it, I've also spent some time to find a suitable solution and I managed to do that! And it's called - Fluid NG.

However, the app requires the rooted device or Android SDK platform tools (the ADB tool).

Once the app is installed and necessary settings and actions are done, just enable the gestures navigation in your device settings to hide the navigation bar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: as for me, the navigation panel is shown each time after device reboot. So, I have to enable gestures navigation after each reboot.

Hope this will help someone and will help me to do not forget the app name :)

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